We are partnering with county health departments to conduct the Arizona Children’s Health Survey in their communities to learn about our children’s health and better understand the experiences of families in meeting their children’s needs across the state.

Results of the survey will help identify what is currently working well in your community related to children’s health, and as well as what areas might be improved to help families meet their children’s needs. We recognize that each child is unique and ask that you complete the survey for each of your children. Children are our greatest resource and we care very much about them having access to opportunities to help them reach their fullest potential.

Everyone in Arizona with children between the ages of birth up to 18 is encouraged to take the survey . The survey is short and will take about six to eight minutes. I just took the survey, and it only took me a couple of minutes (even with filling out the survey for each of my 3 kids). No confidential or identifiable information is collected or kept through this survey. No one will follow-up with you or anyone else as a result of this survey. A survey report will be available in late 2016 and may be requested from the Office for Children with Special Health Care Needs.