iStock_000010956299LargersAt the beginning of the year, the Arizona Immunization Program Office piloted the HL7 Roadshow (also known as the ASIIS Reconciliation Regional Training) across the state. More than 328 providers were trained to manage vaccine inventory and ordering by connecting their electronic health records with the Arizona State Immunization Information System (ASIIS).

If you missed the trainings earlier this year, you’re in luck. The HL7 Roadshow is about to start up again! Beginning September 27th, Immunization Program staff will be traveling to different areas of the state providing ASIIS and HL7 interface training to clinic staff and ASIIS users. The training educates users on managing a successful immunization program that utilizes an HL7 interface to ASIIS and how important accuracy can be in the process.  Participants will gain a basic understanding of the HL7 messaging system and how their daily immunization and vaccine management tasks affect the reporting of administered vaccine doses, vaccine inventory and statistical data functions.

If you attended a previous session of the HL7 Roadshow, come back for even more information. There will be detailed descriptions of processes and hands on time working with the trainers on provided laptops to answer your questions and work on inventory or reporting issues. Find the location nearest you and register today!