We’re always striving for ways to make routine tasks easier and more efficient so we can focus efforts on the things that matter most for the people that we serve. Over the past several years,

our immunization program has been strengthening our ability to leverage electronic systems to improve vaccine practices across Arizona . Since 1995, we’ve maintained the Arizona State Immunization Information System (ASIIS), an electronic system where vaccine providers can record all immunizations given to their patients.

In recent years, ASIIS functionality has been greatly expanded in order to make the system inter-operable with electronic health records systems that most vaccine providers use. Stated simply, this means that we have expanded the ability for many electronic health records to “talk to” ASIIS. This electronic communication has a number of benefits, including the ability for electronic health records to automatically report immunization doses into ASIIS (so no one has to spend time entering the data by hand), and the ability for vaccine providers to track vaccine inventory and order new doses of vaccine electronically.

To that end, the Arizona Immunization Office will be offering regional training during the next few months all over the state. The purpose of this training is to educate vaccine providers about ways they can manage vaccine inventory and ordering by connecting their electronic health records with ASIIS. Participants will get a behind the scenes look at the process that connects electronic health records systems to ASIIS. This course is designed for any vaccine providers who record immunizations in electronic health records that are linked with ASIIS. For details and registration information for these training opportunities please click here.