The work we do often doesn’t get a lot of fanfare.  Much like police who respond to hundreds of calls a week, public health workers diligent work to protect the public from health threats – we just don’t respond with lights and sirens and there aren’t any TV shows that celebrate our work.

I try to keep you posted about some of our work on my blog:  we work to ensure good care at the State Hospital, stay late to check samples at the lab; work with stakeholder groups to ensure good communication on rulemaking; spread the word about Hands Only  CPR to dispatchers and around the world; spend the weekend at a licensed facility where there was great concern for the folks living there; update good health practices into childcare – I could go on and on, but what really matters is the work you’re doing everyday – either at your desk or in the field – working with staff or stakeholders – supporting the mechanics of public health that makes sure we can have “Health and Wellness for all Arizonans.”

Today, several states across the US including AZ are celebrating state workers- because you and your coworkers at all state agencies make a difference every day in the lives of Arizonans.