Strategic community planning is an effective tool to improve population health.  That’s why organizations like the Livable Communities Coalition are so important as they help Arizona communities to become places that improve those social and environmental determinants of health that make such a big impact on population health and public health outcomes.  But how do you drill public health into city zoning, transportation, economic development, real estate development and finance etc.? 

Fortunately, a few great organizations like Urban Land Institute, ADOT, AZ Dept. of Housing, AZ American Planning Association, County Supervisors Association, AZ Association of Economic Development, and the League of AZ Cities and Towns have come together to help create workshops that focus on a holistic approach to land use planning, zoning, transportation, economic development, real estate development and finance.   The key word  “holistic” since we’d like communities to view these disciplines together and understand their connectedness as opposed to in silos. 

The workshops- known as the Community Plan are a free service for public officials at the local level.  They’re 2 to 4-hour workshops with group discussions, case studies, expert speakers, and valuable take-aways.  Workshops can be scheduled upon request depending on instructor availability. Contact Deb Sydenham, the Executive Director of the Urban Land Institute to talk about your community’s issues and to learn more about the Community Plan today.