Our Smoke Free Arizona team published our 3rd annual ADHS Smoke-Free Arizona Annual Report 2010 this week.  The report found (just like last year) that compliance the law is excellent, thanks in large part to the common-sense approach that we took when implementing the act since 2007.  Over the last year, the county health departments conducted more than 71,000 on-site visits at bars, restaurants and other businesses providing education and technical assistance to ensure continued compliance.

We received 1,389 complaints last year, mostly for smoking within 20 feet of an entrance.  Our goal is always to get compliance without enforcement, but we were forced to issue 36 notices of violation last year (resulting in $3,500 in fines).  these violations were mostly in businesses (usually not bars or restaurants) that allowed employees, customers or visitors to smoke inside.  For more information about how things are going visit the http://www.smokefreearizona.org/ website.