The Arizona Secretary of State’s Office determined that enough valid signatures were turned in to put “The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act” on the November 2 ballot as a voter initiative.  Basically, if the Act were to pass and be certified, it would create a system so that “qualifying patients” could apply to dispense, use and assist with the use of “medical marijuana” if they have a doctor’s recommendation.

If it passes and is certified, ADHS would be responsible for administering the program, setting the registration, application and approval processes for qualifying patients and dispensers; setting some of the approval criteria; providing for and administering a renewal application process; setting the fees; issuing cards to patients, caregivers and dispensary employees; registering the dispensing facilities; creating and managing a web-based verification system for law enforcement; and generating an annual report.  It would require us to implement the program within 120 days after the effective date, so we’d be on a short leash to finish the rules and execute the law in time. The Act provides for exempt rulemaking (meaning the rules don’t need to go to the Governor’s Regulatory Review Council), which speeds things up considerably.

It’s impossible to fully summarize the proposed Act’s provisions here, but you can read the full text of the initiative at: