We’re happy to announce that we’re officially adopting four evidence-based practice models endorsed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) including Assertive Community Treatment (ACT); Supported Employment; Permanent Supportive Housing; and Consumer-Operated Services.  We’re adopting these evidence-based best practice models because they resonate with our core commitment to a system of care rooted in hope and an unwavering belief in recovery.  Each of the links above offers additional detail for each model, including (a) building the program, (b) training program staff, and (c) evaluating fidelity to the program. 

These four SAMHSA evidence-based practice models will be incorporated into our future Maricopa County RBHA contract…  and formal monitoring of fidelity will begin in 2014.  We still have a few years left on our contracts in the other regions, but we’ll be encouraging all of our RBHAs and providers that elect to offer the above services and to conduct self-assessments using the fidelity tools in order to establish baseline scores and to drive ongoing improvement in our system of care. 

Our point people for the standards are: 1) Assertive Community Treatment: Don EricksonNitika Singh; 2) Supported Employment: Adam Robson; 3) Permanent Supportive Housing: Adam Robson; and 4) Consumer-Operated Services: Kathy Bashor & ChazLongwell.