ebolaSince October of 2014, local health departments have worked with ADHS, CDC, and other federal partners to monitor travelers returning from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea for signs and symptoms of Ebola. In total, around 200 travelers returning to Arizona have been monitored. Back in September, monitoring of travelers returning from Liberia ended, due to the drastic decline of new Ebola cases in the country. Fortunately, Ebola cases continue to decline across the region with the outbreak ending in Sierra Leone on November 7, 2015.
On December 22nd, the United States made a couple of significant changes to Ebola-related screening and monitoring. First, returning travelers will now be routed through only one of three airports: New York (JFK), Washington-Dulles (IAD) and Atlanta (ATL). Second, the U.S. has removed all enhanced entry screening and monitoring requirements for travelers returning from Sierra Leone. For Arizona, that means that now, only travelers returning from Guinea will be monitored by public health for signs and symptoms of Ebola.