Most of us are aware that the Well Woman HealthCheck increases screening for breast and cervical cancer.  As part of our federal funding agreement for the program the CDC audits 100% of the services provided.  Services are audited for appropriateness and timeliness- even the age of women receiving mammograms is audited for meeting guidelines.  We submit program data to CDC twice per year and get a report card back on our performance.  

Our latest  report card showed that we “met or exceeded” all core quality indicators while screening 7,700 women for breast cancer and over 5,200 women for cervical cancer in 2010.   Why is this important?  We know women in the program are receiving appropriate care within evidence based guidelines.  It’s also important because the program has a performance based budget.  In today’s environment it means that the budget is held level with no reductions.  The program’s contractors and staff deserve congratulations for the excellent work to maintain a high level of quality.