We’re proud to join in the celebration of National Health Center Week by highlighting Health Centers throughout our State and the vital services they provide. Community Health Centers are community-based, patient directed organizations that provide services to medically underserved areas.  These valuable safety net providers offer full-time comprehensive primary and preventative care to patients regardless of their ability to pay or their insurance status. 

Today there are 16 federally qualified health center organizations in Arizona with over 100 physical locations statewide.  They provide increased access to care to Arizona’s 46 federally designated medically underserved areas and populations.   The services provided by each center are adapted to address the major health care needs of their target population and to ensure the availability and accessibility of essential primary and preventive health services, including, oral health, mental health, and substance abuse services.  By maximizing the availability, access, and continuity of primary care services, health centers play a critical role in improving the health care status of medically underserved and vulnerable populations.    

One of the many ways that the ADHS supports health centers is through our Bureau of Health Systems Development.  Our team provides technical assistance, data, reports, maps and other tools to established health centers as well as facilities applying to become health centers through its Community Development Program.  We’re working closely with the U of A’s Rural Health Office to provide a free webinar series covering Issues in Rural Health Planning.  To find a health center near your home, check out HRSA’s electronic search engine.