2013 reportLast week we published our Agency’s most popular annual report.  It’s called the 2013 Arizona Health Status and Vital Statistics Report.  Last year’s version got 2,000,000 hits!

It gives our most granular public health information of the year including refined health statistics on pregnancies, births, reportable diseases, deaths, inpatient hospitalizations, emergency room visits, marriages, divorces and population for Arizona.  The report provides critical data for health policy formulation, interventions and resource allocation.  All of AZ’s Universities use our Arizona-specific health status reports in classroom teaching.

The published works include the Arizona Health Status and Vital Statistics E-book 2013, which includes an Introduction and sections that focus on State, County, and Community data as well as selected vital statistics comparing 2003, 2008, and 2013.  You can download and print each of the 10 chapters of the report, as well as the summaries or tables.

Our public health statistics team also went live with our new Community Profile Dashboard that brings key data elements from the Big Book to a Primary Care Area.  In addition, our 2012 AZ Hospital Compare website provides an online searchable database to help Arizonans make educated decisions about their healthcare.