UAHN photoThe University of Arizona Health Network joined the Maricopa Integrated Health System last week by committing to become an Infectious Disease Treatment Center of Excellence.  By recognizing MIHS and UAHN as Infectious Disease Treatment Centers of Excellence, Arizona will be better able to: 1) develop a seamless infectious disease response plan as new infectious diseases emerge; 2) ensure smooth patient transport (if appropriate) avoiding unnecessary healthcare worker and community exposures; and 3) allow other hospitals to focus on screening and diagnosing patients.

We’ll be working with the Pima and Maricopa County health departments to help both hospital systems to develop plans and train their healthcare workers on all aspects of infectious disease response (including Ebola) as well as prioritizing personal protective equipment during shortages and back-orders.  Recognition will be complete once the CDC conducts an on-site Hospital Readiness Assessment and our medical licensing team certifies the facilities in mid-December.