This week I’m looking at what you are sure to hear a lot about in the coming three years.  The CDC, led by Dr. Thomas Frieden, will be strategically addressing 5 “winnable battles” in public health.  So far, I told you about Healthcare associated infections, childhood obesity and preventing smoking.  We can make a difference in all of these, if people make personal changes.  It is the same with the fourth winnable battle:

4.     Motor Vehicle Injuries

In the US, car crashes are the leading cause of death for people ages 1–34, and nearly 5 million people get injuries that require an emergency department visit each year. The economic impact is huge: car crashes cost around $230 Billion.  Big problems include child passenger safety, teen drivers, impaired driving, distracted driving (e.g. texting, BlackBerrying), speeding, and senior driving.

You can visit our injury prevention website and look at the response end of traumatic injury on our trauma site where you’ll find Arizona specific reports like: Golden Hour by Region ASTR 2005-2008; Mode of Transportation ASTR 2005-2008; Over and Under-Triage Report 2009; Air Ambulance Abstract Final Version Sept09; All-Terrain Vehicle Related Unintentional Injuries Arizona 2003 – 2007; ATV Injuries in Children Fact Sheet Helmet Your Child; Trauma Fast Facts – Injuries, Charges, Payor Mix and Cause of Injury by Legislative District and County; MVA Injury Fact Sheet; and Trauma Incidence in Maricopa County by Zip Code.