As part of our strategic plan, we name 5 winnable battles to prioritize over the next 1-3 years.  While not de-emphasizing work in other areas, this is an important effort to achieve measurable impact quickly in a few targeted areas.  We’ve identified five areas as key domestic winnable battles for improving our state’s health, based on the scope of the burden and the ability to make significant progress in improving outcomes.  By identifying clear targets and by working closely with our public health partners, we can make significant progress in these areas.

These winnable battles include:  Promoting Nutrition and Physical Activity to Reduce Obesity, Reducing Tobacco Use & Substance Abuse, Reducing Healthcare Associated Infections, Reducing Suicides, and Reducing Teen Pregnancy.  Through targeted activities, our programs are working to bring the most feasible and cost-effective strategies to fruition, making a meaningful impact on health in our state.  I’ve put together a presentation that addresses the state of the state and where we stand on our winnable battles. Check it out on our Managing for Excellence Website.