Almost 40 years ago, Dr. John M. Doll came to work at ADHS and left quite a legacy.  His philosophy about researching and publishing data that can be used to make a difference lives on… even though he passed away.  Every year, epidemiologists in Public Health Prevention submit the papers they have published to an internal committee to earn the annual John M Doll award.  

This year, Dr. Melanie Taylor and Kerry Kenney received the award for their published article called: Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among American Indians in AZ. Their work highlighted the racial disparity from time of diagnosis to treatment – from which the Indian Health Services have created new interventions to help. One of the key things about public health is – research for research’s sake has limited value – when you can define an intervention to address the problem, research is priceless.  There were 8 other publications submitted for the award – congratulations to all of you for the efforts you are making to enhance public health.