LAW hammer on computer folder. 3D Icon isolated on white backgroA few weeks ago I issued a Director’s Decision authorizing the use of marijuana for medical marijuana patients undergoing conventional treatment for PTSD.  Beginning January 1 physician certifications will be valid for palliative care of PTSD symptoms as long as certifying physicians attest that the patient is currently undergoing some kind of conventional treatment for PTSD before signing the certification.

I was sued Monday by the Cannabis Nurses Association regarding that decision.  They’re challenging the criteria in the Decision (e.g. the requirement that a physician attest that their patient is receiving some kind of treatment for PTSD and the January 1 implementation date).  This article from a weekly newspaper in Tucson provides a pretty good summary of the issue.

Yesterday, I was served with yet another medical marijuana lawsuitThis suit argues that the provision in the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act limiting cultivation rights to patients that live more than 25 miles from a dispensary is unconstitutional under the 14th Amendment US Constitution (Equal Protection Clause) and Article 14, Section 15 of the Arizona Constitution (Monopolies and Trusts).