Kindergarten teacher reading to children in libraryAs parents prepare for children to return to school or child care, Bureau of Child Care Licensing has some helpful hints for you to keep in mind to better ensure that your child will be safe and well-cared for in your absence. You can check out a facility’s track record regarding compliance with licensing regulations by going to AZ Care Check and taking a look at what has been cited on previous inspections, as well as information on whether there have been enforcement actions taken against the facility.

You can also request the facility provide you with their inspection reports for review on-site at the facility. A Parent Board in the main entrance of the program will provide valuable information on which staff members are in charge of the program, applicable fees, menu items, availability of inspection reports, etc. Take time to review this information, and ask questions of management.

We have an online Parent’s Guide that gives an overview of what to look for in determining the right childcare program for you and your child. As a newly enrolled parent, you will be provided a copy of the facility’s Statement of Services or Parent Handbook. The information will spell out many of the program’s policies and procedures for you, including discipline procedures, admission and release requirements, what is required for your child’s enrollment, your responsibilities as an enrolled parent, and much more. Read this document carefully in order that you fully understand the facility’s position on a number of relevant issues. Again, ask questions regarding anything you remain unclear about.

If you have questions regarding which programs must be licensed and which may be exempt from licensing, please call 602-264-2539 or visit our Bureau of Child Care Licensing website.