We just found out that AZ had 3 oral abstracts accepted (including the #1 scored abstract) for this year’s National Association of EMS Physicians meeting.  Of the 208 abstracts submitted, only 15 were selected for oral presentations.  We get to do 3 because AZ submitted 3 of the top 15 scored abstracts.  Our Statewide Cardiac Receiving Center abstract was the highest scored abstract of the meeting…  and we’re preparing a manuscript for New England Journal of Medicine as well.  These are a collaboration between the ADHS, the University of Arizona Emergency Medicine Research Center and the UA College of Medicine.  Here are the abstract citations: 

Spaite DW, Bobrow BJ, Stolz U, Chikani V, Humble W, Mullins T, Mullins     M, Stapczynski JS, Kern K, Ewy GA: System-wide Regionalization of EMS and Hospital Care for Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: Association with Improved Survival and Neurologic Outcomes. Prehospital Emergency Care (in press). 

 Spaite DW, Chikani V, Bobrow BJ, Sotelo M, Barnhart B, Denninghoff KR, Gaither JB, Viscusi C, Adelson DP, Sherrill D, Harden D, Stolz U: The Influence of Prehospital Hypotension and Hypoxia on Outcomes in Patients with Major Traumatic Brain Injury. Prehospital Emergency Care (in press). 

Murphy RA, Spaite DW, Stolz U, Smith G, Silver A, Karamooz M, Mullins M, Tobin J, Bobrow BJ:  Evaluation of End-Tidal CO2 Levels Before, During, and After Return of Spontaneous Circulation in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest.  Prehospital Emergency Care (in press).