Prescription drugs serve a very important purpose in health care, when they’re used the right way.  That’s why physicians have to write the prescriptions – doctors who are trained to understand the purpose of the medication as well as the patient’s tolerance and the possibility of interactions.

However, too many times, we keep medication after we’re better.  That poses problems that often times result in death.  Sometimes young children find the medication and think they’re candy… I’ve blogged about the number of children who end up in the ER because of accidently poisoning. There’s also the issue of teens who find the drugs and start experimenting… another potentially fatal combination.  And then there’s the adults who thing we we’re as smart as our doctor and grab an old bottle of pills when we get hurt… again opening up the possibility of accidental poisoning.  But there’s good news… tomorrow the DEA and state & local partners are sponsoring another National Prescription Drug Take Back Day this Saturday from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.  This (always successful) nationwide effort provides a way for people to get rid of leftover prescription drugs.  The service is free and anonymous, with no questions asked. Arizonans disposed of more than 3 tons at April’s event.  There are more than 100 drop-off sites that’ll be open Saturday- and you can find the location nearest you by visiting the DEA Website.