It’s been almost 50 years since the 1st Surgeon General’s report on the health dangers of smoking and we’re still fighting the battle.  About 43 million Americans smoke despite decades of warnings.  Science continues to uncover dangerous aspects of tobacco use.  A new report highlights the threat to unborn children.  

The study published in Obstetrics and Gynecology used blood samples from stillborn babies to find the impact of smoking, secondhand smoke, marijuana and other prescription drugs.  The results showed double the risk of stillbirth for mom’s who smoked tobacco or marijuana or other stimulant or prescription drugs.  

We know that getting healthcare while you’re pregnant is important – but it’s also important to be healthy before a woman even gets pregnant.  First stop smoking – whether you’re the mom to be or her family.   The ASHLine (our highly successful quit line) has free support and provides tools to help you make and keep the promise to stop using tobacco. Stop using drugs unless your doctor tells you to – there are great resources available in Arizona if you need help. And take care of your body – Power Me A2Z and Every Woman Arizona are geared toward helping women be healthy.