Arizona is on a great trajectory for success if you go by baby names.  The most popular boy’s name in 2013 was Liam which means strong-willed warrior and the most popular girl’s name – Sophia – means wisdom.

Liam, a form of the name William, jumped to first place from fourth last year, but it barely beat out Jacob in the number two slot.  Noah, Daniel and Alexander finish the top five on the boys’ list.

Sophia is not much of a shock, placing number 1 again.  The top five girl’s names didn’t change from 2012 in Arizona.  Sophia is followed by Isabella, Emma, Mia and Olivia. 

When we ran the list on December 9th, 82,290 babies had been born in the state and 51% were boys.  You can check out the list of top 100 names for both genders online.