Our Licensing and Rulemaking teams spent the last week of April with hundreds of Stakeholders from numerous associations and licensees about our ongoing regulatory reform effort.  In addition, we’ve received hundreds of comments regarding our draft rules for Healthcare Institutions and Behavioral Health Service Agencies on our website (the comment period ended on May 5).  Our teams are now busy going through the written comments and our notes from the meetings as we prepare the final regulations, which are due by the end of June. 

We also have another Midwifery Scope of Practice Advisory Committee meeting on Wednesday, May 15 from 4-6 pm in the Lab.  We’ll be discussing the newest edition of the draft rules.  The latest draft still includes Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) and Breech Delivery as within scope for Certified Professional Midwives under certain prescribed circumstances, although this latest version would not allow for the delivery of twins by a midwife.  We’ve also clarified monitoring reporting requirements regarding labor progression.  The final midwifery rules are also due at the end of June.