We are mourning the tragic deaths of 19 firefighters at the Yarnell Hill Fire.  We’re working through the Northern Arizona Regional Behavioral Health Authority to help the firefighters and community there to deal with the loss of life and the speedy evacuation in front of the fire.  The loss of most of the Granite Mountain Hot Shot team affects not just the firefighters at the Yarnell Hill fire, but firefighters and families all across the state.  Magellan of Arizona is helping with the folks in Wickenburg.  There are two support numbers set up at this time – one for firefighters and their families 602-845-3473 and another for community members and family affected by the fire 800-203-2273. 

As usual during wildfires, our licensing team is in contact with licensed facilities in the area to see if they have any needs and if facilities’ evacuation and emergency plans are up to date.  Our public health staff is working with the counties, other state agencies and the federal government.  We are standing by to help if needed.

You can stay on top of the state response at the Arizona Emergency Information Network and this fire at Yavapai County Emergency Management website. You can read more about what we do in our Wildfire Smoke and Your Health brochure and in our ADHS Wildfire Plan.