We’re continuing to make significant progress in our licensing regulatory reform efforts.  Our overall goal is to simplify and streamline our regulations so they align with our strategic plan and map to improve public health outcomes.  The new regulations will more acutely focus on health and safety criteria- and will put more emphasis on outcomes.  We’ve held numerous meetings with representatives from the medical community, the behavioral health system, advocates and other affected stakeholders to help us reform our regulations for Inpatient Behavioral Health Facilities, Residential Facilities, DUI Services, Domestic Violence Offender Treatment Programs, Outpatient Treatment Centers, Nursing Care Institutions, Assisted Living Facilities and Hospitals.  Public comments are being solicited through online surveys.  

In all, 18 Articles of regulations are being overhauled.  Draft Articles and online surveys can be found at the Health Care Institution and Behavioral Health Service Agency webpages.  By April 1st final drafts will be posted on our website for another round of comments.  The completed rules will be submitted to the Secretary of State by July 1, 2013. Thanks to all who have helped to advance the licensing of integrated health in Arizona!