If Prop 203 passes today, we’ll definitely get flooded with phone calls from people that want information on how they can get a license to become a dispensary starting Wednesday.  There’s absolutely no way we could ever try to answer the inevitable questions over the phone.  Number 1, we won’t have full answers until at least March of 2011 (assuming it passes).  Number 2, we don’t have the staff to be able to cover the phones.

If it passes, we’ll be doing all of our communication with the public on-line using a featured site on our homepage that’ll be our information hub.  We’d also develop an electronic application for interested folks to sign up for the weekly updates that we’d develop.

I’m recording a video message that we’d post on the featured page that discusses the process that we’d use to implement the law.  I’m also recording a voice message for the phone system.  The bottom line is that (if it passes) and someone calls ADHS about how we plan to implement the law, whoever answers the phone will refer the caller to the website hub or if they really want to hear a voice over the phone, refer them to my voice message.