Guess which one of our ADHS Websites consistently has the most hits.  Our influenza pages during flu season?  Medical marijuana during our rulemaking?  Questions about WIC eligibility?  Nope.  It’s our Genealogy website.  The site has had more than 5,100,000 queries in the last 2 years.

Our Vital Records team has been keeping data on birth and death certificates since 1855.  A few years ago, our easy to use Genealogy website was put together so folks can do research on their family history.   The data on the site includes AZ births before 1938 and deaths before 1963.  The public records statute says that birth certificates need to be at least 75 years old and death certificates 50 years ago in order to be loaded on the site.  The information was extracted from photo reproductions of the original certificates by volunteers from the Mesa Regional Family History Center.

We don’t have a budget top maintain the site… but we recently put up a feature so that folks can donate funds to the ADHS Public Genealogy Website for future enhancements.