The AZ Attorney General issued an Opinion and a media release this afternoon about the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act.  The Opinion states, in part, that the voter approved Act is pre-empted by Federal Law – specifically the part that allows the cultivation, selling or distribution of marijuana.  It references 2 recent court cases that states cannot ‘authorize’ actions that are forbidden under federal law.

Today’s Opinion is just that, an Attorney General Opinion…  not a court order, and a court (or courts) may or may not agree.  Attorney General Horne has said in his media release today that he expects that there will be a motion for accelerated resolution of this issue in a pending court case.

The AGs Office also advised us this afternoon that today’s Opinion doesn’t prevent us from proceeding with tomorrow’s planned lottery on Tuesday, August 7, and the issuance of Registration Certificates- so we’ll be proceeding tomorrow as planned at 9 a.m.  I’m not sure how or whether today’s Opinion will impact the issuance of subsequent Operating Licenses for the folks that are allocated a Registration Certificate tomorrow morning. 

 So, at least for now, we’ll take it one day at a time.