We have developed a new computer application and website to support the new abortion reporting requirements introduced with the passing of SB1304 into law.  This new law requires additional information to be provided to AHDS when abortions are performed or complications develop.  Currently, medical providers are required to report particular information to ADHS in an effort to collect Arizona specific data regarding abortion care. In the past this reporting has been manual via paper and we took this opportunity to automate this data collection by creating a reporting website for provider use.  In addition, we created a user registration site so that the management of users could be streamlined with self-service for account establishment and password management and we created an administration site for ADHS use.   Training has been developed and is available for new users. This project had an extremely short development cycle so it took a true team effort. Thanks to all who were involved!  The team consisted of both Vital Statistics and ITS personnel including  Beverlee Hall, Christopher Mrela, Richard Porter, Frank Caglio,  Madan Gopal, Ellen Rayer, Michelle St. Germain, Michael Conklin, Shandy Odell, Jeanie Milnes and Raghu Ramaswamy.