CDC’s 2013 Prevention Status Reports have just been released publicly on CDC’s website.  You’ll find reports specific to Arizona on topics like nutrition, physical activity, teen pregnancy, tobacco use, HIV, heart disease, motor vehicle crashes, and prescription drug abuse.  Reports include a few data indicators of how we compare to the U.S., as well as implementation of key policies related to the topics. The website has a Quick Start Guide, which gives tips and tools for using the reports.  The idea is to build an inventory of evidence-based public health practices and improve health outcomes. 

For Return on Investment information you can check out a new report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation  which has findings about increases in local public health spending associated with decreases in infant deaths, and deaths from cardiovascular disease.  Low-income communities experienced the greatest health and economic gains with increases in local public health spending. 

Also, the National Council on Aging recently put together a brief compiling the results from the national Chronic Disease Self-Management Program study.  The results included an impressive 21% improvement in depression, 13% improvement in number of days per week being moderately active, 12% improvement in medication compliance, and a $714 per person saving in emergency room visits and hospital utilization.