office workerLast September our Licensing team rolled out the online renewal portal for speech and hearing professionals that allows almost 5,000 hearing aid dispensers, audiologists, and speech-language pathologists statewide complete the renewal application electronically, upload documents, and submit an online payment. In addition to quicker submission by licensees, the improvement has helped the licensing staff drastically reduce processing time-frames to an average of 10 working days since implementation. In one year, more than 3,100 applications have been processed using the portal.

The largest group of professionals impacted by the portal includes approximately 3,000 speech-language pathologists (SLPs). These professionals provide vital assistance to individuals living with a variety of communication, speech, language, feeding and swallowing, and voice disorders. SLPs help the community, providing services in settings such as classrooms, homes, clinical settings, and therapy rooms. Those interested in learning more or accessing services provided by one of Arizona’s licensed SLPs can view our provider database and interactive AZ Care Check.