Fried Shrimp and French FriesAmericans eat about one-third of their calories away from home – meaning that consumer information at restaurants are an important piece of information that folks need in order to make good choices.  This week, the FDA took a big step that will eventually provide the public with information when they eat out.  The new rules on nutrition labeling will go into effect in about 1 year.

Over the next year, you’ll begin to see calorie information in movie theatres, at restaurants with 20 or more locations, buffets, and at other entertainment spots.  Fast foods, take-out, and foods delivered (such as pizza) will also have the info, as will alcoholic drinks on menus.  Some foods won’t be included like food sold at deli counters intended for more than one person and items sold from food trucks.  You may have already seen calories listed on menus, as many restaurants have moved ahead in providing their customers with nutrition information.

Stay tuned for even more info that will help as we move ahead on the on the State Health Improvement Plan and work together to reduce obesity through healthy eating and active living.