you do a lotGetting kids to eat healthy is hard, especially for busy moms.  The Arizona WIC program now offers new foods to help families provide nutritious meals.

Yogurt, whole wheat pasta, and new brands of cereal and baby foods for older babies are now available through the WIC program.  The full list of foods includes many fresh, frozen and canned vegetables, milks, cheeses, and cereals.  WIC foods are healthy for moms, babies, and preschoolers and are approved by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Helping choose healthy foods is only one of the ways WIC helps families.  WIC moms learn what to eat while pregnant or breastfeeding and how to feed their growing kids, especially picky eaters.  Moms get WIC checks that can be used at grocery stores and farmers’ markets to buy healthy foods for their family.  WIC helps moms with breastfeeding, too.

Moms do a lot and WIC is there to help a little.  Many families do not realize they can participate in the WIC program, even after their baby turns one.  Spread the word, encourage all the moms you know with kids under age five to visit today and find out if they are eligible.