academic-healthrsA new web application system, Environmental Laboratory Licensure System (ELLS), has been successfully launched for our Bureau of State Laboratory Services.

The Office of Laboratory Services divides approved methods to test air particulates or emissions, hazardous and solid waste, safe drinking water and wastewater. There are four types of laboratories which are licensed. They include government, commercial (for profit), company (internal work only) and other (specified). In addition, the department certifies mobile laboratories as well.

Currently we have 156 active Environmental Laboratories both in-state and out of state. They all can now submit their renewal forms online. The new system has also been linked to our payment gateway system and we can capture surveyor’s travel expenses as well. In addition, the system has all the necessary and standard features of user profile management, renewal process workflow, ability to access licensee history, email alerts, in-built reports and auditing capabilities incorporated. The automation of the system has largely eliminated the dependency of the manual data entry process maintained in a legacy system when a licensee mails in a renewal form and fee. Congratulations to everyone for their effort on this six month end-end project.