Brighten the Family Table -broccoliThe Arizona Nutrition Network in our Bureau of Nutrition and Physical Activity showcases a new campaign that encourages people to “Brighten the Family Table” with colorful vegetables and fruits. The campaign features a variety of healthy, colorful foods such as bright red peppers, colorful carrots, green vegetables like broccoli and leafy greens, pretty purple cabbage, and even white vegetables and fruits like cauliflower and bananas.

One of the key messages is that you can “Brighten the Family Table” without spending a lot of money by looking for all different colors of vegetables and fruits that are in season, which is when they taste the best and are lowest in price. Canned and frozen vegetables and fruits are a great way to add color and variety to your table while saving money, too. Be sure to make half your plate vegetables and fruits.

The Arizona Nutrition Network is an obesity prevention program that serves individuals receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. The program reaches more than 170,000 people with classes or other activities throughout the state last year. Many more people were reached with creative messages on billboards, in grocery stores, and other locations.

For tips and healthy recipes and to see the “Brighten the Family Table” campaign, visit the Arizona Nutrition Network online.