ebolaThroughout the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, local health departments in Arizona have worked with ADHS, CDC, and other federal partners to monitor travelers returning from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone for signs and symptoms of Ebola. Since October 17, local public health in Arizona has monitored more than 200 returning travelers.

As disease prevention and control measures continue in West Africa, the number of Ebola cases continues to decline. On September 3, the World Health Organization declared Liberia to be free of Ebola transmission, leading CDC to determine the risk of Ebola among travelers is low. Beginning Monday September 21, monitoring for travelers returning from Liberia will end and travelers from Liberia will no longer be tracked or monitored by public health. However, there are still a small number of Ebola cases being reported in Guinea and Sierra Leone, so monitoring will continue for travelers returning from these countries.

ADHS has current resources and guidance on our website to support Ebola preparedness in Arizona.