cpr-trainingAs part of our on-going cardiac resuscitation quality improvement program, the Bureau of EMS and Trauma System along with the University of Arizona (UA) has made tremendous strides in saving lives by translating basic science advancements in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) research into action by emergency providers. The discoveries have led to important changes in national standards and spawned the enormous need to widely disseminate these techniques to every emergency medical services provider and in-hospital medical professional.

In August our EMS Bureau and UA held the first High Fidelity EMS Resuscitation Training Session, which is part of a collaborative project called “High Performance CPR University” at the Center for Simulation and Innovation at the UA College of Medicine in Phoenix. EMS personnel from across the nation, as well as from Japan and Taiwan, took part in the first of many-planned high fidelity training sessions.

ADHS and the UA have had a wonderful partnership over the past decade collaborating in our ongoing mission to implement High Performance CPR and save as many lives as possible from cardiac arrest, and return as many people as possible to their homes and families. For more information visit the Save Hearts in Arizona Registry and Education website.