The AZ Medical Marijuana Act requires us to periodically accept petitions to add new medical conditions to the list of conditions that qualify folks for an AZ Medical Marijuana Registration Card.  In January, we accepted petitions from the public and had a public hearing in May.  Folks submitted numerous articles as a part their petitions for PTSD 1PTSD 2; Depression; Migraines; and Generalized Anxiety Disorder.   We also received lots of informal comments regarding adding PTSD; Depression; Migraines; Generalized Anxiety Disorder and General comments.

We also contracted with the U of A to review published scientific studies related to marijuana use and the petitioned conditions.  You can see the UA analyses for Depression; Generalized Anxiety Disorder; Migraine Headaches; and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on our petition website.  Our ADHS medical team will be meeting within the next week or so and will be providing me with their analysis and recommendations.  The ultimate decision rests with me,  the Director, and I have a decision deadline in late July.