June 7th marked the deadline for allocated dispensaries to file their request for an Approval to Operate from the Medical Marijuana Program.  The lawsuit filed last month allowed for 15 of the 98 allocated dispensaries to submit their Approval to Operate applications after the June 7th deadline, however, all but one submitted their applications by the original deadline.  So far, 47 dispensaries have been inspected and approved to operate and 35 of those are open and operating throughout the State.  Approximately 90% of all Arizonans now live within 25 miles of an operating dispensary.  

The dispensary program is busy continuing to conduct inspections, with about 17 scheduled over the next few weeks.  To prepare for a potential rush to complete all 98 Approval to Operate inspections by August 6th, the dispensary program is training Licensing and EMS surveyors out in the field so that they can help out with inspections if needed.  Thank you to all that have volunteered!