We’ve been processing Medical Marijuana Registration Cards for about a year and a half now.  One of our primary goals from the start has been to try to build a true medical marijuana program.  One of the keys is setting clear expectations for clinical assessment and medical record review by physicians before they sign a medical marijuana certification.

From the beginning, we’ve been monitoring the types and numbers of certifications written by physicians.  Our Annual Report included an analysis of the kinds of certifications that have been coming in as well as the number of certifications by a physician.  In short- the Report made it clear that we needed some educational opportunities for all classes of physicians.  That day has come.  

We’ve collaborated with the U of A’s Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health to develop a 5-hour free online Certified Medical Education course regarding the physician’s role and expectations under AZ Medical Marijuana program. It’s available on our website at: www.azdhs.gov/medicalmarijuana/physicians/.  We also asked the 4 Medical Boards to promote the course.  Over time, we’re expecting this physician education to help us get better results when it comes to the certifications.