Medical Marijuana Dispensary SymbolOn October 6, our Medical Marijuana program concluded the processing of medical marijuana dispensary applications by holding a random selection process for applications meeting the criteria. Our staff worked with accountants on the process which included nine random selections.

Our Digital Media Team provided live stream video of the event which can be found on our webpage. The allocation was finalized with the notice of allocation or final outcome to all applicants. The next steps include the issuance of the licenses as the dispensaries prepare to apply to operate at the new locations. The allocation maintains the maximum number of nonprofit medical marijuana dispensaries of one for every 10 pharmacies in the state.

We accepted applications for the 31 new certificates from July 18 to July 29. The team received 750 applications, with almost two-thirds of the applications received on the final day. Following the required time-frames established in rule, the program took on the exceptional job of processing within 60 working days. The entire process required significant organization and careful review as hundreds of pages of information, and numerous email and phone calls were received and handled daily by the team.  Thank you to the team, and to the extra hands from throughout the agency who provided assistance.