Does when you eat make a difference in how much you weigh? A new study in the International Journal of Obesity indicates eating late may make it less likely you will lose weight as quickly. The five-month study was done in Spain and included 420 people in a weight loss program using the Mediterranean Diet. People in the study were grouped into early-eaters and late-eaters (lunch before/after 3pm). The late-lunch eaters lost less weight even though their calorie intake and other factors (like amount of sleep) were similar in the two groups. 

Does this mean you should eat your big meal earlier in the day? Maybe and maybe not.  Remember, the people in the study were in a supervised weight loss program and eating a diet rich in good-for-you fats (like olive oil) and with lots of fruits and vegetables. For you, a good place to start is taking a look at how much and when you eat along with how much physical activity you get each day. Try out the Choose MyPlateSupertracker. It’s a great tool to use to track your progress on eating healthy and moving more. You can switch up the size and timing of when you eat and see if being an “early-eater” makes a difference for you.