Close your eyes and imagine you’re one of our surveyors, you’re doing an inspection of a nursing home or assisted living center and you find residents smoking marijuana.  Could that really happen?  Maybe. One of the provisions of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act talks about the ways nursing homes and assisted living centers (that we license) can manage marijuana use among residents (if the Initiative passes).  Page 16 of the Initiative (would be ARS 36-2805) says that nursing homes and assisted living centers can adopt reasonable restrictions on their resident’s marijuana use.  For example, our licensed facilities can decline to provide or store the marijuana for residents and they can ask the residents to consume the marijuana in a specified place in the facility.  Facilities could prohibit Cannabis smoking as long as they allow residents to consume it in another way (like in brownies).  Nursing homes wouldn’t be able to make “unreasonable” restrictions on marijuana use by residents unless the limitations are required in order to avoid being fined or losing their license (under federal law e.g. CMS).