A recent report by the American Cancer Society, suggests what many Arizonans may have suspected, that skin cancer is on the rise. An estimated 82,770 Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer in 2013. In Arizona, one in five of us is likely to develop some form of skin cancer.  The most common cause is overexposure to UV Rays, those invisible rays that come from the sun and tanning lamps and cause sunburns and suntans.  

Protecting skin from sunburn and suntan is key, especially among the under-18 crowd who gets more exposure than adults. The ADHS SunWise Program has been around 10 years, educating kids at over 1100 elementary and middle schools who are required to teach sun safety.   They’re not alone.  Our Offices of Childcare Licensure and Empower Program support the SunWise message.  In fact, all Arizona’s licensed childcare facilities now implement sun safety policies and provide outdoor shaded play area for children under their care.  To learn more about SunWise and Tips to keep yourself safe and prevent skin cancer, visit our SunWise website.