Our Office of Assisted Living Licensure has developed several classes to help assisted living providers to better follow our quality assurance rules for assisted living facilities.  Over the past year, surveyors have presented monthly classes on Medication Rules and a refresher class on the Administration of Medications for caregivers and managers.  A new presentation on the rules for Service Plans is being offered this month, and will soon be joined by classes on how to complete a Plan of Correction and suggestions for providing activities.  The classes are being developed so that they are suitable for placement on the ADHS website for public access.  Once all of the classes have been developed, they’ll be developing an award for completion of all 4 classes.  Those involved in the production of these classes include Ellie Strang, Pat Greenquist, Rosey Diaz, Lori Schrock, Jim Tiffany, Zakiya Torkwase and Larry Martens.  Thanks.