We’ve probably all heard the saying “life happens”, right?  Sometimes our lives get really complicated with work, bills, family demands and other stress that makes our ability to cope day to day challenging.  This kind of increased stress over time can take a toll on our minds and bodies, so we head off to the doctor’s office to see if we can figure out why we can’t concentrate at work, why we keep getting headaches or why we can’t sleep at night.  Wouldn’t it be great if the mental health specialist was located right in your local clinic? 

 ADHS recently published a report titled, Arizona Integrated Models of Care Forum 2011: Research, Practice and Potential that describes the current environment and activity occurring at the national level that supports integrated services.  The report includes information on patient centered medical home, expansion of federally qualified health centers, the Four Quadrant Model an evidenced based model of care recommended by the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare for clinical integration of primary and behavioral health care systems, and summarizes key points and presentations made at the Arizona integration forum.  The report concludes with recommendations for the redesign of the health care delivery system to support full integration based the Milbank Memorial Fund report: Evolving Models of Behavioral Health Integration in Primary Care and web based resources. Check it out!