If you’re a regular blog reader, you’ve probably seen posts about our water drives in the spring to prepare for the summer heat and the food drive in the fall to help our food banks for the holiday season.  We also do an annual spring cleaning drive that benefits ICM.  This is a great opportunity for those who like to do spring cleaning to get rid of old clothes, household items and even non-perishable foods. This year our drive ends on March 31st and we’re almost at 1,000 pounds of items donated to the charity. 

ICM does much more than just provide “stuff” for people in need.   The facility which is located in South Phoenix provides an immediate response to basic human needs including clothing, toiletries and financial assistance. ICM serves 60,000 clients each year, including families with children. All of their donations go directly to people that need them and for free.  Its website says, “Our services are provided by volunteers, with an emphasis on hope and dignity for the individual. While helping the very poor be fed and clothed, we encourage their self-sufficiency with specific assistance and education.”

So if you’re looking for a place to donate your spring cleaning bounty or looking for an opportunity to volunteer – ICM is always looking for donations.