Graphic_NNM2016_FBAs National Nutrition Month® draws to a close for this year, take a minute and name the ways you found to brighten your table with colorful fruits and vegetables over the past few weeks. Did you visit a farmers’ market with your family? Many of our WIC participants and seniors in the Commodity Supplemental Food Program have done just that as we kicked off the new season for the Arizona Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program.

Were there some new dark-green vegetables on your family’s table like arugula, dark-green leafy lettuce, or kale? How about your kids? Did they have fun picking a bright red fruit or vegetable at the grocery store like strawberries, red peppers, or beets? Or have they entered the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge to be the Arizona winner who goes to the White House for a Kid’s State Dinner?

Maybe you visited and created a personalized healthy eating plan using the SuperTracker online tool. I know others who started to eat right for cancer prevention this month. Keep up the good work and look for even more ways to Brighten the Family Table. Remember,