Our Home Baked and Confectionery Goods Program enrolled our 1000th participant this month- providing new opportunities to more than 1000 families to bake food at home and be able to sell it commercially.  This week also marks the 6 month anniversary of this innovative new program.  We also recently completed the official rules– which will go into effect in early February.  If you’re on board as one of our 1000 registrants- check out our updated Home Baked and Confectionery Goods website where you can find information on labeling requirements, hazardous foods, food handler cards, and production guidelines. 

Looking for some recipes that taste good, offer good nutrition, and are suitable for preparing for sale under the program? Check out this high-volume recipe for glazed lemon bars. Rest assured, these recipes were developed to provide quality and yield consistency; taste panels of adults and children tested these products for texture, taste, aroma, appearance, and overall quality. You can find more healthy recipes like this from the USDA Recipes for Child Care on the healthy recipes page of our website.  Don’t forget to bookmark and watch our informational video for home-based businesses.

If you’re interested, but not signed up yet- what are you waiting for?