I’ve been writing quite a bit about population health and the importance of creating healthy environments for communities.  Some of those innovations take creativity and cash to make them work.  Help is on the way – today, the feds announced the Healthcare Innovation Awards – Round 2.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services put up $1 billion to entice better care and lower costs in healthcare.  CMS will award money to projects that specifically improve comprehensive health and wellness; improve care for people with special needs; reduce the cost for patients on AHCCCS and in Medicare; and for providers to change financial and clinical models. 

For example – a program that helps a population fight diabetes or one that helps integrate behavioral health care with primary care might be selected.  Funds are available to non-profits, communities, healthcare providers, provider groups, faith-based organizations – almost every type of company, government or partnership. 

Folks who are interested have to send in a Letter of Intent by June 28th.  You can find out more on the CMS Frequently Asked Questions page.